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Wire Recycling and Creative Ideas
January 09, 2017

Handy Tips for Better Wire Recycling


Most of the time, when people find something they think is useless, they throw it out. Unless, it is rotting you shouldn’t toss out anything, they can always have another purpose. That’s what recycling is for. You can reuse mostly any product or recycle it beyond its function.


Wire recycling is common and you can even make some profit off of it, check out our Ultimate Guide to Wire Recycling. A little wire scrap may not amount to something significant, but you can surely find something to use it for. If you are wondering why you should look into wire recycling, then you should read up on the disastrous effects of metal wastes on the environment. Here are some ideas that you can try at home.


Everybody hates it when their charger cords or earphones get tangled. With the use of an electrical wire scrap, you can keep your cords neatly positioned. All you have to do is fold the cord as many times as possible and twist the wiring onto the folds. This way, you can secure your cords. Also, you can twist the metal wire around the cords. With the right amount of pressure, you can will it to spiral down into the body of the cords. It will prevent tangling and further cord damage and it’s a great way of wire recycling.

Another way to make a good organizer out of wires is to link them to each other. Just twist them together one by one until you make a box shape. It’d be better if you have many wire pieces so that you can make a compacted box. You can use it to store little things. Make sure that you only put things that do not react with metal.

Cleaning Tool

Straighten up the wire scrap and use it to pick at dislodged dirt in tiny holes or slim sides in everything you own. It’s not rocket science and you won’t need any tool to do it. It is a good cleaning tool for that specific situation because it should be thin enough to slide through and tough enough to bear pressure.

Experiment Material

There are so many experiments that you can do with the help of an electrical wire scrap. Obviously, it is a good conductor of electricity. If you want to manually do a mechanical way to light a bulb, then the wire will be a definite help. You can look for other experiments that will need electrical wires online.


This is basically one of the best ways to recycle electrical wire scraps. Because it can be easily compressed and moved around, you can mould it into different shapes. It can be a good use for accessorizing as well as wire recycling. You can even attach it to other pretty things like an earring or an amulet. You also have the option to sell it afterwards. That way, you earn money while enjoying leisure time.

There are more ideas out there. Be confident enough to come up with your unique ways of wire recycling. And to secure your wires before making good use of them, you can put them in a closed container. This way, you are also keeping it away from the reach of children. Give these great ideas a try!

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