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18 Automatic Rd (Unit 14), Brampton, On. L6S 5N5
About Us

About Alnor Industries

Alnor started in 1978 as a family-owned and operated metal recycling facility and metal scrap yard in Mississauga, and we have been working as Mississauga scrap metal experts ever since. Over the years, Alnor and its professionals have worked to develop a transparent process for handling Missis sauga scrap metal to ensure that our customers always know they are been treated fairly, to the best of our abilities, and to our mutual benefit. We are confident that it is this combination of transparency and meticulousness that makes us one of the key players in this industry.


Reasons to choose Alnor

Over 40 years of experience

We have been dealing with metals and how to recycle them for over 4 decades. There is nothing we have not seen. We have developed an extensive network of markets for the materials we deal with. You can be assured that we are leveraging your material in the best way to get the most value back for you.

We maximize your ROI

We don’t just buy and sell materials. We are experts in evaluating your scrap process so you are maximizing your ROI for the raw materials you purchase then ultimately recycle. We all know how expensive raw materials can be. The way you sort, segregate and package your material all matter in maximizing your scrap. We can come into your operation and offer suggestions on how to do this. All of this is included in our services when working with us.

Family Values

Alnor is family owned and operated company, and always has been. You can be rest assured that we will treat you with the same respect we give our family. We appreciate you trusting us with your business and we don’t take that for granted.

Facilities & Machinery

When it comes to Mississauga metal recycling and scrap metal pickup in Mississauga, Alnor has all the necessary facilities and equipment to meet your needs without breaking your bank. Alnor's facility is located conveniently in the Greater Toronto Area and houses state-of-the-art machinery designed to maximize efficiency and the value of your scrap metal recycling in Mississauga.

Our computerized scales are certified by government inspectors to meet international standards, and we're so confident of their accuracy that we'll gladly honour any request for third-party verification.

Alnor Industries is the place to go to for honest and efficient scrap metal recycling in Mississauga, because we provide the best option out there. We've worked tirelessly to optimize our business, and to provide the most hassle-free service you can envision. A big component of this vision our service for scrap metal pickup in Mississauga, which is worked to keep our customers' needs consistently on the forefront of our transactions. We've spent decades cultivating a reputation for honesty and reliability, and we're determined to get you the highest possible value for your scrap metal recycling in Mississauga.We can also customize equipment to meet your specific Mississauga metal recycling needs and improve your recycling efficiency. For more information on Mississauga metal recycling and scrap metal pickup in Mississauga contact us.