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The Importance of Wire Recycling
The Importance of Wire Recycling
April 05, 2019

Like other types of electronic waste, electrical wire offers recyclable product which can be processed and packaged for different uses. Electrical wire is primarily composed of copper. Copper is favourable for electrical wire manufacturing due to its malleability and ductility, allowing electrical wire to bend without reducing conductibility.


As you can imagine, electrical wiring is used in a vast number of electrical applications and thus, can be easily found as improperly recycled waste in a landfill.


Today we’ll briefly discuss how wire recycling reduces negative environmental impact.



Reducing Environmental Impact



Minimizing Need for Mining Practices


The copper found in electrical wire can be found in minerals such as bornite, azurite, malachite, antite, and chalcopyrite. These minerals are not easily found and result in mining processes that negatively impact the environment. Mining processes require money, time, energy, and fossil fuels, an all-in-all environmental blunder. Luckily, wire recycling allows processors to recycle the copper found in wire – effectively minimizing the reliance on mining processes to extract copper for electrical applications. In fact, the U.S. alone gets 95% of its copper from copper recycling processes – indicating a change from the more conventional method of retrieving copper through mining.



Reducing Presence in Landfills


The use of electrical wire is ubiquitous – used in everything from residential homes, to business establishments, to commercial appliances. It’s really no wonder why or how these wires end up in landfills. The ultimate way to reducing the presence of electronic wire in landfill sites is by opting for proper recycling practices. One way to ensure your wire is properly recycled is by looking for a reputable recycling facility.



Alnor Industries is Your Go-To Wire Recycling Facility


Alnor Industries offers over 30 years of experience recycling electronic waste like wires. You can rest assured knowing your e-waste is properly recycled at our facility and in accordance with federal and provincial legislation. Reduce your environmental impact and start recycling your e-waste today with Alnor Industries!

So important to recycle old electronic wires!
Posted by: Sam | April 5, 2019, 4:50 pm
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