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An Introduction to Recycling Carbide Sludge
An Introduction to Recycling Carbide Sludge
April 02, 2019

By now, you probably understand a few of the benefits of recycling metal scrap. From reducing your environmental impact to being able to reclaim cash value – there doesn’t appear to be a downside to recycling scrap metal with a reputable recycling facility like Alnor Industries. Alnor will purchase nickel alloys, tantalum, cobalt, and molybdenum scrap based on global pricing. We also effectively recycle a large range of metal scrap including high speed steels, tungsten-based alloys, hard scrap, and tungsten carbide sludge.


Carbide tungsten sludge is one of the recyclable metals we look for. Today we’ll assess the benefits as an explanation as to why we recycle carbide sludge.


Sludge and Swarf


  • Carbide tungsten sludge is also known as grinding swarf – the result of ground tungsten carbide with excess oil and moisture
  • The substance will usually be found at tool manufacturing shops, scrap dealers, and any other industry or shop that grinds carbide
  • Grinding swarf is typically composed of 70% tungsten and 10% cobalt – the percentage of tungsten recovered will determine pricing



Value and Variety


  • The sludge is particularly valuable to the tooling industry
  • Also known as tungsten swarf – the substance can range in actual tungsten content, can be wet or dry, and depending on source can be either domestic or international


Properties and Process


  • Tungsten carbide is known to be incredible durable – almost double that of steel, making it incredibly useful in a range of applications
  • The recycling process involves the separation of coolant, excess oils, and other existing particles. Later the separated materials will be added to other substances to be further processed into a reusable product.



Assessing Content


  • Determining tungsten content is essential to the tungsten recycling process
  • Seeking a trusted recycling facility is imperative to ensuring proper recycling practices are maintained and that you receive a fair price for your recyclables



Recycle Your Metal Scrap with Alnor Industries


Alnor Industries offers years of experience in the recycling of scrap metal, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, cables, insulated wires, catalytic converters, carbide sludge, and e-waste. Our expertise is in assessing monetary value for your recyclables by dealing directly with processors who reform metal scrap and raw materials into usable products. Call us today to learn more about how you can reduce our impact on the environment and reclaim cash value for recycling your scrap metal in Mississauga.





Interesting read about carbide sludge! So great to know you can reduce your environmental impact by recycling this substance.
Posted by: Sam | April 2, 2019, 9:56 am
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