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Why Recycling Carbide Scrap Will Remain
Why Recycling Carbide Scrap Will Remain
September 29, 2020

The scrap metal industry is now getting boosted by the increase of the number of manufacturing companies that buy and sell discarded metals including carbide scrap. With the advent of internet, advertising for waste pickup services has become easy. 

People now can get easily informed and can check on recycling companies that have the full capacity to provide complete recycling services. From picking up metal scraps to selling segregated metal in their purest form, scrap metals littering the dumpsites is now becoming a thing of the past. 

High Money Potential With Carbide Scrap

A pile of scrap is of course loaded with carbide -- but if a recycling company finds loads of scraps from manufacturing companies that use drilling and cutting tools, expect that their metal scraps are full of tungsten carbide scraps. 

There’s a good deal of money in selling tungsten carbide as these are some of the most sought after metals in the metal recycling industry. Being second to diamond in terms of hardness, it can also be recycled and processed again into new tungsten carbide products for drilling equipment and cutting tools. Thus, scrap recycling is also helping large industries to complete their needs for tungsten carbides.   

Where Can You Find Tungsten Carbide

We all use tungsten carbide as these are commonly present inside our homes and personal belongings. The classic light bulbs use filaments made from tungsten carbide. Even our ballpoint pens and razor blades are molded with tungsten carbide. The jewelry industry relies on tungsten carbide in producing necklaces and rings. Carbide inserts and most drill bits we use on our workshops are also loaded with tungsten carbide.

The largest pile of tungsten scraps, however, can be found on manufacturing companies from their manufacturing process.  

Purchasing scrap can never go out of style and instead it helps our recycling industry to grow. The demand for this metal will stay high. So for those who are into recycling and selling recycled tungsten carbide to large scale manufacturing companies, they know that when demand for products goes beyond the supply, the price of the commodity will rise. 

In Mississauga, Ontario, Alnor Industries is one company that offers free pickup for all types of metals that include catalytic converters, insulated wires, electronic wastes, and also carbide by-products including carbide sludge. Display devices like LED, rear projectors and LCD and even Cathode Ray tubes from old TV sets are not spared.  

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