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We Recycle Carbide Scrap In Mississaga

Non Ferrous & Ferrous Recycling

Over the decades of trading and processing non ferrous and ferrous material we have developed a strong network of consumers for the material we purchase. We have a variety of outlets that your traditional scrap yard may not have. We ship material world wide, we have markets for re-usable raw materials, and have the ability to broker loads directly into the raw materials processors that create raw material. Each specific metal has a designated home which allows us to handle each of these items in way that eliminates as much of the middle man. Whether it be copper recycling going to the brass makers, or the stainless steel going to Nickel producers we ensure we extract as much value as possible which ends up giving you more money in your pocket.

Inquire with us to get pricing for all of your non ferrous or ferrous items.


#1 and #2 copper, bare bright wire, and insulated wire, copper turnings, plated copper, and copper chops.


All aluminum scrap: mixed low copper (MLC) and cast aluminum to 1-S wire to aluminum extrusions, turnings, and litho sheets; car and truck rims, painted siding, aluminum or aluminum-copper radiators, Venetian blinds, and soft drink cans.


Alnor can handle all grades of stainless steel. We specialize in 304 and 316 solids and turnings, as well as 400 and 430 Series solids and turnings. We also buy high temperature alloys, as well as Inconel and Hastelloy carbide scrap from Toronto.

Ferrous Tungsten Carbide Scrap Metals

Alnor Industries is the place to go to for honest and efficient metal recycling services. We've worked tirelessly to optimize our company, and to provide the most hassle-free service you can envision. A big component of this vision is our service for tungsten carbide scrap, which can be a very difficult item to recycle on your own. We've spent decades cultivating a reputation for honesty and reliability, and we're determined to get you the highest possible value for your metal pieces.

We can also customize equipment to meet your specific needs and improve your recycling efficiency. For more information on our process and services, feel free to contact us anytime by phone or e-mail!

Alnor is also fully equipped to recycle all of your ferrous scrap. Ferrous scrap consists of iron and steel reclaimed from automobiles, farm equipment, appliances, and structures, and it's a key component in the production of new steel and cast iron products.

Alnor accepts all kinds of ferrous scrap, including heavy-melt or structural steel, cast iron, and baled tin. We accept both dealer grade (2 feet by 5 feet or smaller) and oversized (larger than 2 feet by 5 feet) steel and iron. We also recycle and chips and turnings.

Catalytic Converters

In keeping with our commitment to the environment, Alnor is proud to buy catalytic converters. When these hard-working parts are done converting the toxic by-products of internal combustion engines into less harmful emissions, we can help you turn them into cash! We pay top prices for OEM and aftermarket catalytic converters.

Look no further than Alnor for recycling all of your carbide scrap across Mississauga!