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Top 3 Reasons to Recycle Cobalt
Top 3 Reasons to Recycle Cobalt
June 17, 2019

Every day, environmentally-conscious individuals and businesses make the effort to keep metals out of landfills so that they can extend their lives being remade into new products. One of those metals is cobalt, and more and more businesses around the world are becoming more aware of the benefits of cobalt recycling. Cobalt is an important metal especially for the modern world because it helps contribute to low CO2 emission and promotes technological advancement.



Here are three key benefits of cobalt recycling, showcasing why the metal recycling industry has been growing tremendously over the past few years.



1. Cobalt is a resource that never runs out

Cobalt is a non-ferrous metal, which means its structural integrity is not affected when it goes through the recycling process. It does not degrade, so it can be recycled infinitely. Cobalt recycling has helped cement cobalt as a continuous resource – it can be used to make new products again and again.


2. Both the environment and the economy benefits from it

Studies have shown that the global economy benefits from cobalt recycling due to the sheer number of jobs being created. In Canada alone, it is reported that the industry employs more than 34 thousand people directly and over 85 thousand workers indirectly. In addition, utilizing recycled metals enables companies to stay competitive and reduce their production costs. This opens up time and funds for additional innovation, where the benefits are then passed down to consumers as well.


3. Recycling cobalt helps save a lot of energy

In addition to employment generation, cobalt recycling also saves a lot of energy. Just a single barrel of scrap cobalt being recycled means great energy conservation that will otherwise be consumed when mining for ore, refining it, and undergoing other manufacturing processes needed to generate new cobalt and turn it into a brand new product.


For all your cobalt recycling needs, look no further than Alnor Industries, a leader in the metal recycling industry in Toronto since 1978.  

Great to get the message out there about cobalt recycling, we need more eyes on this!
Posted by: Paul | October 18, 2019, 11:42 am
Please recycle more e-waste!
Posted by: Jennifer | July 2, 2019, 12:17 pm
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