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The Economic and Environmental Impact of Metal Recycling Mississauga
January 06, 2014

 From the point of view of the typical homeowner, the benefits of metal recycling Mississauga would be a few bucks in the pocket and a clutter-free environment. All too often, many homes have accumulated a lot of junk in their backyards, from broken down TV’s and washing machines to a junk car that is too expensive to be repaired. These items are rich sources of different kinds of metal that are highly coveted by purveyors of recyclable scrap. Scrap metal recycling industry has a huge impact in the economy and the preservation of natural resources particularly in developing countries where there is a high demand for recycled metal. The economic impact can be seen with the creation of many jobs in metal recycling Mississauga.

Why metal recycling should be encouraged

A substantial amount of metal is used by people every day from aluminum cans that contain soda or beer to the electric wires used to generate power in the home. The sheer quantity of metal that is required globally can be staggering and if there is no metal recycling, the natural resources will be depleted and the future generations will no longer enjoy its advantages. Aluminum cans are everywhere and they compose millions of tons of waste thrown in the landfills. With metal recycling Mississauga, the government is saved from expanding the landfills. Recycling scrap metal can save at least 95% of the energy than it would take to produce new material. Besides that, metal recycling Mississauga is providing people an alternative source of income. In short, metal recycling Mississauga gives both the economy and the environment a boost.

Environmental benefits of metal scrap recycling

  • The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that recycling metal eliminates gas emissions equivalent to removing more than 4.5 million cars on the road for a year.
  • Recycled metal comprises most of the metal used in the United States and other countries. Not only does recycling conserve the natural resources but it significantly uses less energy than mining metal from its original core. Many kinds of metal can be recycled infinitely without any changes to their properties of strength of durability. The fact is metal recycling Mississauga cannot hardly meet the growing demands for recycled metal from industries.
  • Worn out appliances, electronic devices and equipment that are thrown into the environment contain hazardous materials that can leach on the surrounding soil and water. Recycling reduces  health risks of air pollution and water pollution to both human and animal life.
  •  Expansion of landfills to accommodate the growing number of waste products with metal content can have a negative impact on the economy of a municipality. As human population increases, the cost of space is continuously rising and it does not make perfect sense to convert more space for landfills.
  • Besides the reduction in the amount of energy used, recycling reduces the carbon footprints on the environment. Recycling reduces the need for fossil fuel that increases carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is the major contributor to global warming on this planet called Earth. 
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