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Serious Money from Carbide Scrap Toronto
February 21, 2014

 Metal recycling is not only financially beneficial but is an opportunity to save the earth’s natural resources. Many people remain skeptical about metal recycling because they won’t certainly earn a fortune from the endeavor. However, do you know that there is a kind of material that is most valuable which will allow you more than just a few dollars on your pocket?  If you want a valuable scrap that is worth your time and efforts to recycle, it is carbide.  The problem here is how to find carbide scrap Toronto. It certainly isn’t like metal scrap that can be found anywhere. A very simple process to identify carbide scrap Toronto is through a spark test. If it yields a very dark red and short spark, it will signify that you have found valuable carbide.

The spark test explained

Different kinds of metal can be distinguished using the spark test. What you need is some sort of grinder and a piece of the metal that is large enough not to melt. The look of the spark can only be valuable if you are aware on the significance of different metal sparks. Tungsten carbide releases stream that is very small and rarely more than 3 inches long and light orange throughout the length. The most magnificent of sparks will come from titanium which is incredibly white and luminous. For other common metals, however, you can do the magnet test to distinguish non-ferrous metal from ferrous metal.

How to distinguish carbide from tungsten carbide

- Many individuals would assume that tungsten carbide is simply carbide but in the world of carbide, tungsten carbide is a compound of tungsten and carbon with the chemical symbol of WC.

- What is often referred to as carbide is actually cemented carbide which is actually between 5% and 25% cobalt in weight. Tungsten carbide is super dense but the cemented carbide containing lots of WC is stronger.

- Purveyors of recycled scrap materials will know what you actually mean by carbide. But since tungsten carbide is very heavy, even a few pounds will yield serious money. If you suspect you have carbide scrap, make sure to deal with a reliable recycling shop to get a good deal.

Who buys scrap carbide?

Not every junk yard or purveyor of recyclable materials will be more than willing to pay for that kind of scrap. It is not something common that every junk yard will be offered and even if you sell only a small quantity of carbide scrap, it weighs more than the other different kinds of metal including steel. However, it makes perfect sense to call different scrap yards to gain the best deal. Do not be tempted into selling your carbide scrap Toronto to the first scrap yard you call since you may find others who might offer double the price. Remember that carbide is as tough as diamond and almost as heavy as gold. 

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