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Saving Planet Earth through E-Waste Recycling in Mississauga
January 27, 2014

 The government of Canada is at the forefront in managing e-waste disposal due to the environmental hazards of disposing outdated electronic gadgets and equipment in the landfills. Practical guidance is provided on how electronic waste should be disposed of in a manner that ensures disposal in an environmentally sustainable manner. However, even the private sector is doing its part by being purveyors of scrap materials and e-waste Mississauga. Services deal with both high volume and small volume e-waste Mississauga to recover valuable material that can be used to create new products  instead of being thrown into the landfills and present potential hazards to both human and animal life.

Why e-waste recycling is very important

Tons of computers and mobile devices are thrown in the trash every year. The growing number of e-waste Mississauga includes other consumer electronics like TV’s, DVD’s, video cameras and telephones that reached the end of their usable life or have become obsolete due to advances in technology. When millions of e-waste Mississauga are thrown in the landfills, they leave behind cadmium, lead and other hazardous materials. People continue to spend on new Apple and Android devices and based on statistics, the demands are further increasing. If there is no e-waste recycling, the toxic and hazardous materials have a high potential to leach into the soil and water. Compared to disposal, recycling creates more jobs and saves the earth’s natural resources.

Benefits of recycling e-waste

Conserves natural resources - the production of electronic devices is a very resource-intensive activity. The environmental burden of producing electronic devices and equipment exceeds the production of other household products. Based on a UN study the production of a computer including the monitor uses at least 240 kg of fossil fuel, 22 kg of chemicals and 1.5 tonnes of water. Recycling saves most of the natural resources which would otherwise be used in the manufacture of new electronic devices.

Protects the environment - recycling e-waste Mississauga saves energy, reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling 1 million cell phones can recover approximately 24 kg of gold, 250 kg of silver, 9 kg of palladium and more than 9,000 kg of copper.

Saves landfill space - if there is no recycling efforts and purveyors of electronic scrap materials, landfills won’t be enough to accommodate obsolete cell phones, computers, monitors, tablets and other electronic devices. Millions of tons of e-waste is disposed in landfills and if these are not recycled, the government will need to acquire more land to expand the landfills.

Helps others - the computer or mobile device that you have thrown in the trash can be a valuable commodity to someone else. Besides selling your e-waste Mississauga, you can donate or giveaway your outdated gadgets to others in the community. Electronic equipment can be repaired, refurbished and reused by others who need it.

Creates jobs - recycling e-waste Mississauga creates jobs for the professionals in the repair and refurbishment of electronic devices. It also creates a market for the electronic parts and components that are dismantled.

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