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Recovering Metals from Wire Recycling
Recovering Metals from Wire Recycling
July 29, 2019

From stranded wires to coax cables, all electrical wires are made using metals that are produced from costly mining operations. Over time, electrical wires will get damaged and then replaced. Dumping old or damaged electrical wires is a waste, considering the metals have not lost their properties and can still be recycled for use elsewhere. Wire recycling is important not only because it helps ensure that the full extent of a metal’s potential is used, making the costly and often hazardous mining operations worth it. Furthermore, recycled materials are more economical and are also a boon to the environment.



The following precious metals and non-magnetic metals can be recovered from wire recycling:




While copper oxidizes when exposed to air, gold does not react with oxygen. For this reason, it is much preferred in plating connectors.  Gold plated connectors do not tarnish and as such conductivity does not decrease in any way.



Silver is not commonly used in most electrical wires and cables due to its cost and rarity.  That being said, silver plated copper wires are needed for high-frequency wires, with higher corrosion resistance than copper and excellent conductivity. 



Aluminum is abundant and much cheaper compared to other metals. Since it is lighter than copper, it is often used in overhead power lines.



Because of its high conductivity and thermal properties, copper is the most used in wires and cables. Electrical wires made of copper can be installed easily in tight spaces due to their malleability. In addition, it has some ability to resist corrosion, thus helping save on service and maintenance costs in the long run.


Wire recycling has a plethora of benefits, including ensuring that these metals do not end up in landfills. If you are looking for a metal recycling facility that can efficiently recycle electrical wires, Alnor Industries is here for you. Since 1978, Alnor has been one of Mississauga’s efficient metal recycling facilities. We recycle both ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as insulated wires, cables, catalytic converters, carbide, and electronic waste.


Call us now at 905-362-1029 so we can pick up your scrap wire!

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