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Mississauga Electronics Recycling: Improving our Community
April 08, 2016

In great Canadian neighborhoods like Mississauga, electronics recycling is a practice that keeps the city clean and green. Why is electronics recycling significant for the community? Electronic waste refers to any unwanted electronic equipment such as mobile devices, monitors, or computer parts. E-waste is the fastest growing type of waste in the world. Due to technology’s rapidly evolving nature, the average consumer replaces their mobile device every few years. Outmoded electronics get dumped, and less than a fifth get recycled. That statistic may seem shocking, but it is the detrimental downside to our disposable economy. You can help, Mississauga. Recycling electronics is a great way to take part in good environmental practice. This is something every household and business can do, and you may be eligible for free pickup.  


Why is electronics recycling a better option compared to disposing the waste? Well, listen up:

-        Electronics recycling helps conserve natural resources. Electronic products contain valuable materials like copper and aluminum. These materials can be recycled and then used in manufacturing new products. This means less natural resources have to be extracted from our environment and less oil needs to be consumed in the extraction process.

-        Recycling reduces the emission of greenhouse gases. The process of extracting raw materials from the ground by mining and boring burns a lot of fossil fuel. The consequential emissions pollute our air and have been undeniably linked to climate change. Recycling your old electronics can have a substantial impact on material need and reduce the overall mining that has to be done. This means cleaner air and fewer carbon emissions.

-        Toxins in our environment have a direct impact on health. Even common electronics contain hazardous substances like lead, mercury, cadmium, and poly brominated flame retardants. When irresponsibly thrown into a landfill, these materials can seep into the soil and water table. Recycling your electronics helps protect the environment and consequently human health by keeping adverse substances out of our incinerators and landfills.

Alnor Industries LTD. proudly dedicate themselves to electronics recycling in Mississauga. It is their mission to keep this beautiful city clean and environmentally conscious. Since 1978, Alnor professionals have been hard at work promoting recycling and green living. 

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