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Mississauga Electronics Recycling: A Guide
Mississauga Electronics Recycling: A Guide
August 08, 2018

With each passing year, more and more technologies are discarded with constant technological innovations that render an older model or piece of technology obsolete. Studies have shown that electronic waste in Canada has skyrocketed in 2016. This is why, in Mississauga, electronics recycling is incredibly important.


In Mississauga, electronics recycling properly turns any discarded and unwanted electronics into raw material that can be used to make new electronics!


In an effort to keep Ontario green, we offer to pick up your e-waste wherever you are in Mississauga. Our electronics recycling service is completely hassle-free, so that it’s convenient for you and better for the environment.


There are a number of electronic devices that you can recycle in Mississauga. Our electronics recycling service includes a variety of items, which the most common include:


  • Display Devices – This includes all types of televisions and monitors, as well as flat panels like plasma, LED and LCD, and rear projection. You can also recycle your Cathode Ray Tube (CRT).
  • Non-Cellular Telephones – This refers to all telephones that are both corded and cordless as well as any answering machines!
  • Computers – Anything from desktop computers (what you are using as servers are included) to portable computers (like netbooks, tablets, laptops and notebooks), and any accessories or peripherals. This includes your bundled keyboards, cables, internal microprocessors, printers, fax machines, sound and video cards, and computer mice!
  • Home Audio/Video Equipment – All homeowners know that this refers to their VCRs, as well as CD, DVD and Blu-Ray players, amplifiers, data projectors, receivers and any similar audio/video system. This also includes the Home Theater In-A-Box, or HTB, System and your car's audio/video system (your equalizers, amplifiers and speakers).
  • Cellular Devices – All your smartphones are classified here, no matter what functions they have (video recording, audio functions, camera), cellular phones of all types, and all other cell-enabled handheld devices!


This is only some of the many items that we accept. Contact our company and arrange a pickup through our website itself. When arranging a pick-up, you should indicate your name, company, phone number, email address, and your pick-up address.


Our electronic recycling program can cater to all of your disposal needs when it comes to any unwanted technological devices. Whether it be your RAM, motherboard or your cameras and batteries that you want to throw away, please don't! Give them to us in Mississauga and we’ll happily provide our electronics recycling service for you!

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