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Computer Recycling in Mississauga
Computer Recycling in Mississauga
April 11, 2018

If you want to clear out your old computers and accessories, you should consider an environmentally friendly option. This is particularly important for commercial enterprises with a lot of machines. Computer recycling in Mississauga and the GTA, with Alnor Industries, prevents e-waste from ending up at a land fill. This not only produces waste product but encourages further mining and exportation of highly valuable metals.


We can maximize your convenience and contribution to the environment by offering computer recycling Mississauga with pickup services and competitive pricing for scrap metals. Using OES standards, we can dispose of electronics in an environmentally-friendly manner.


Our Organized System of Recycling

Recycling in Mississauga as well as the GTA need not be difficult. Our industry uses a very organized recycling process organized according to OES standards. Our strict procedure ensures that all of your electronic waste is processed, reused and recycled in a manner that is friendly to the environment.

  • First, there is a manual and mechanic dismantling of the components.
  • Next, materials are initially extracted using specialized machinery.
  • This is followed by grinding up the plastics, metals and circuit boards for the extraction process in order to produce raw metal.
  • Finally, new plastics and metals are processed for reuse in the manufacturing of new electronics.

What Computers Do We Accept for Recycling?

  • Desktop Computers -- Anything from your desktop computers including those you are storing in the back of a closet. We can also accept desktop printers, scan and fax devices and any electronic peripherals.
  • Portable Computers -- This includes notebooks, tablets, older laptops or any other portable or handheld computer devices
  • Other Computer Parts – Replaceable parts like the mouse, sound and video cards, internal microprocessors, motherboards, memory, keyboards and cables can all be recycled.
  • Display Devices – Monitors can be dissembled for metals, parts and plastics as well as display LEDs.

Our computer recycling in Mississauga and the GTA can also process cameras, batteries, speakers, audio/video equipment, radios and many others. Contact Alnor Industries today to learn more!

the pickup service makes all the difference, very handy for our recycling efforts
Posted by: Myriam | April 18, 2018, 12:52 pm
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