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Circuit Board Recycling - Recovery of Precious Metals
May 04, 2016

Circuit board recycling is a responsible way for our community to dispose of old electronics. Instead of dumping your outdated computer, recycle it instead. Disposing of electronic waste safely and conscientiously is an important aspect of being a modern consumer. Electronic waste is becoming a global menace. It is critical for every government to consider the negative effects to the environment caused by irresponsible disposal of e-waste. Meanwhile, there is a lot the average person can do on a local level. Circuit board recycling is easy to do, and you may qualify for free pick-up.


Recyclable materials in circuit boards

Many electronic devices inside the home have a circuit board. Consumer goods like laptops, desktop computers, and mobile phones all contain one. A circuit board is the platform used for electrical and electronic connections. A typical PCB contains approximately 40% metal, 30% organics and 30% ceramics. A typical circuit board contains metals such as copper, solder, nickel, and iron, as well as precious metals like gold and palladium. The board is largely made of composite laminate from glass fiber that has been infused with a thermosetting resin like epoxy.

In order to prevent ignition when soldering the electronic components into the platform, the matrix usually contains about 15% Bromide as a fire retardant additive. Bromine-based fire retardants, in particular, are considered to be highly harmful when exposed to soil, and cause even more damage when leaked into a water table. Recycling circuit boards helps stem this problem, as all potentially harmful components are taken care of in a safe and responsible manner.

Recycling technologies available for electronic waste

All the recycling technologies for electrical and electronic waste include the sorting and disassembly process. During circuit board recycling, the reuse of components is the first priority and is why all the valuable metals are dismantled including cables and plastics to make the recovery process simpler and more efficient. Circuit board recycling also requires manual dismantling of electric components. 

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