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Circuit Board Recycling Components Can Be Found
December 20, 2016

 There numerous ways of getting rid of them aged and non-functional electrical components without exposing the environment to the destructive effects of e-waste. The commonest of these involves recycling, reselling or even reusing them. Though highly dependent on the condition of the electronic, not every part can be reused, recycled or sold in the mainstream market. A typical case of cleaning up the modern society involves circuit board recycling.


Motors and audio sockets

Motherboards are often loaded with a diversity of recyclable components including motors, audio sockets and resistors among others. As a result, circuit board recycling offers a non-discretionary platform to identify and remove well maintained motors and audio components that can be cleaned and recycled at a fee.


Capacitors, fuse, transistors, and ICs

For circuit board recycling to be complete, numerous techniques are required in removing the components mounted on the board. These involve several simplistic approaches involving the extraction of the circuit board components as well as advanced reprocessing of the boards into new products. For other parts like capacitors, fuses, ICs, and micro-controller panels among others should be removed without being damaged. This makes recycling them to the mainstream market possible and economically viable compared to the production of new ones.


Screws and LEDs

Circuit boards are often anchored on the chassis of the electrical component using screws. These constitute a diversity of low and high end screws that can always be recycled at a fee. The LED screens on old circuit boards can also be recycled for more meaningful use in the regular market.


The cohort of every product is definitely limited to its ability to serve you. That’s why Alnor Industries remains committed to delivering the best of recycled products the market can offer. Our machine controlled processes ensure that every component being recycled from the aged circuit boards if professionally removed and its service life tested before being released into the market. Thanks to our circuit board recycling savvy that enables us deliver exceptional value to our customers at all times. For an order, or to dispose your old boards, contact us today for the best rates in town.


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