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4 Supermetal Properties of Nickel Titanium
4 Supermetal Properties of Nickel Titanium
April 30, 2021

Nickel titanium, which manufacturers also call nitinol, is one of the most durable and capable metal elements in the world. It has seen extensive uses in aircraft, vehicle, weapon, and medical equipment manufacturing applications.


Here are some of the ways nickel titanium is a supermetal:


Exceptional Recovery 

Nitinol gets deformed when heated in low temperatures. However, at specific heating temperatures, nickel titanium recovers its original shape. This top-tier recovery characteristic gives it a wide range of applications where its constrained recovery abilities allow it to generate force from inside machines without the need for external forces. 


Super Elasticity

High-quality springs cost more than ordinary ones because it has nickel titanium alloys. On its own, nitinol is super elastic, which allows it to bend and introduce different types of internal stress through different heating and cooling temperatures. You will find nitinol in numerous experimental machine designs and mechanical projects. 


Dependable Conductivity

Nitinol is the prime replacement candidate for broken and inefficient actuators. It has seen functionality as thermal valves for fluidics, acting as sensors and actuators simultaneously. In industrial applications, it's one of the best comfort seaters for pneumatic valves. It is used in a wide variety of popular products, such as in the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette's hatch vents.


Surgically Capable

The alloy's non-contaminating and corrosion-resistant properties make it a valuable material for catheters, stents, and unique, super elastic needles. Truthfully, nitinol sees extensive use in intestinal surgery tools, namely in re-connective and non-contaminative equipment meant for recovery procedures. 


Get High Yields for Your Nickel Scrap Today

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