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4 Crucial Reasons To Recycle Carbide Sludge
4 Crucial Reasons To Recycle Carbide Sludge
June 26, 2020

Tungsten carbide is a denser and stronger material than traditional steel. For this reason, metal fabricators, construction teams, and other heavy industries use many tungsten carbide products in their daily operations. All drill bits, saws, blades, and other cutting, perforating, piercing, and metal processing materials use tungsten carbide as a base material. This is why tungsten carbide recycling is so popular.


Here are all the reasons one should recycling the carbide materials in their possession:


A High Demand

Carbide and tungsten sludge or swarf are combinations of oil, lubricant, and scraps of tungsten, which are the residue of the daily operational activities of your tungsten or carbide tools. Recyclers with advanced sludge processing equipment such as Alnor Industries can extract the high concentration of carbide dust, tips, fragments, and other pieces inside these materials. Due to tungsten swarf's high demand, recyclers are actively seeking shops and companies for their carbide waste.


Lower the Price of Tungsten Carbide

By contributing to local carbide recycling efforts and trustworthy scrapyards such as Alnor Industries, you help local tungsten carbide equipment and tools manufacturers to drive down costs in manufacturing new products. In turn, the local market stabilizes and prices of tungsten carbide-based items become lower in cost thanks to your active participation in recycling.


Help the Environment

Carbide sludge contains many hazardous chemicals that can contaminate soil and destroy undergrowth ecosystems. Water contamination is possible due to the oil, lubricant, and carbide dust content. By working with well-known, honest recyclers such as Alnor Industries, you can help save the environment by allowing us to process, break down, and dispose of your dangerous yet useful carbide waste.


Earn a Profit

At Alnor Industries, we extract the carbide content of your aged tools and processing byproducts. With our tried-and-proven methods, advanced equipment, and honest, transparent carbide recycling service, we guarantee you'll gain sizeable profits per pound of carbide content found in every yield.


If you have plenty of carbide waste that you'd like to get rid of, then contact Alnor Industries as soon as you can. We handle waste and scrap pickup logistics so you won't have to worry about transporting them to our facility. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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