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4 Advantages of Titanium Recycling
4 Advantages of Titanium Recycling
January 17, 2022

Titanium is one of those rare metals that is used extensively in a plethora of industries as virgin metal or in the form of alloys, the most famous example being the nickel-titanium alloy known as nitinol. To keep the metal’s natural sources from depletion, titanium recycling was devised, which is now an everyday market practice. However, some businesses are still not on board with this critical industrial practice. But the truth is that the advantages of recycling titanium are many, as it boosts local markets and establishments. 

To bring the skeptics on board, here are 4 undeniable benefits of titanium recycling.

Help Market Prices Recover

Newly-mined titanium that distributors import from other countries is highly-priced compared to locally-sourced, recycled titanium simply due to the cost of extracting the metal. Hence, it's better to perform titanium recycling to drive down the costs of equipment and tools that are manufactured using this material. Additionally, you also save valuable resources that are otherwise used in mining, such as petroleum and other natural, non-renewable sources of energy. 

Reduce Local Landfill Usage

Those working in the scrap industry know that landfills rarely have hundreds of thousands of discarded machinery, giant equipment, and other valuable items. This is particularly due to great recycling practices, including titanium recycling, that is practised in a majority of countries around the globe. Consequently, local landfills have more space for biodegradable refuse. Ultimately, titanium recycling helps in reducing landfill usage and environmental pollution.

Generate Jobs

Reliable recycling facilities, such as Alnor Industries Ltd., help generate jobs for local communities thanks to the continued recycling efforts. Although ore mining might generate more jobs on paper, the improvement in market prices combined with limited but impressive job opportunities that are created via alloy recycling compounds the advantages of this practice with time. 

Massive Profits

Lastly, many companies should know that titanium remains in high demand in a variety of markets such as aircraft and spacecraft manufacturing, arms development, medical technology, and electronics. Hence, your business can get massive financial compensation for your dilapidated and obsolete titanium equipment too.

If you're looking for a reliable recycling facility in Toronto, you can count on us at Alnor Industries to offer you the best market price as well as logistics and transportation. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you.

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