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3 Fundamental Reasons To Consider Alloy Recycling
3 Fundamental Reasons To Consider Alloy Recycling
January 31, 2022

With rampant industrialization around the world came a unique set of problems, with the most notable ones being the wastage of resources and environmental damage. To counteract this, the idea of recycling was devised, and it proved to be highly effective, especially in the case of metals and alloys. This is why alloy recycling is a widely accepted industrial practice today. However, if you run a small company and are unsure about its benefits, then these 3 reasons ought to convince you. 

Here are 3 compelling reasons to invest in alloy recycling.

Saving Resources

It is common knowledge that it is cheaper to recycle metals and alloys rather than sourcing them from scratch, for it involves mining and a plethora of industrial processes that use valuable resources. Not only is it cheaper to recycle, but it also indirectly saves a lot of precious natural resources such as coal that is otherwise utilized in making the virgin metal and its alloys. Ultimately, as the cost of production of recycled alloys is lower, it also sells cheaper, providing you with quality raw material at a low price. Consequently, it will save a lot of capital for your business which is otherwise dedicated to purchasing raw materials. 

Optimal Use of Raw Material

With proper recycling practices, various resources are conserved, but there is another benefit. The raw materials, the metals themselves are also expertly used multiple times, as metals can be safely recycled without any problem, except for some toxic and radioactive ones such as uranium, plutonium and mercury. Thus, this process doubles the benefit for various manufacturing industries. 

Reduction In Carbon Emissions

With governments around the world cracking down on industries, it is imperative to meet environmental norms and reduce the overall carbon footprint. With the help of recycling, it’s easy to reduce the disposal of scrap and other waste products, as well as cut down on emissions. A great example is the metal - aluminum, recycling one ton of the metal can save up to 9 tons of CO2 emissions.

Thus, it’s a wise choice to invest in recycling, especially if you use metals or alloys in your operations. 

For efficient recycling of copper scrap, high-speed steel, tungsten carbide and other materials, there is no better choice than Alnor Industries Ltd. A family-owned establishment based in Ontario, we have decades of experience in the field of recycling and we also offer fair prices for the scrap. To know more about our facility and operations, contact us today.


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